Jury Duty Eclipses the Eclipse

August 25, 2017 Okay: you can say I told you so. Since July 5th this year I’ve been “on call” with the US District Court, Northern District of Oklahoma.  Every Friday after 5:00 pm (all Summer) my ritual has been to log on to their eJuror site to see if I had to report the […]

A Code of their Own

Last week, my daughter participated in the Tulsa STEM Alliance’s “Code of their Own” camp, at the Tulsa City-County Library downtown. Sidebar: if you’ve not ventured down to the new remodeled library yet, you owe it to yourself to visit.  I used to spend a lot of time there doing research on the 3rd floor, […]

OurPact Premium: Now with 50% more blocking!

April 3, 2017 Back in December I wrote a post about our experiences with OurPact, a lovely program to control screen time on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.  You can read about it here. Now I’m back to tell you our thoughts about the newest version: OurPact Premium.  The changes are big enough that it […]

The “Rashomon Effect” and my Dad

January 27, 2017 Many of you know that my Dad, Gergely “Greg” Szabo, came to the US in 1957 via the Hungarian Revolution. He died in 1994. When I was kid, my Dad told me a “sanitized” version of his part in the uprising, which now, no matter how much more of the truth I know, […]

Our Pet’s Christmas

January 3, 2017 For those of you who know me/us well, you know that we’re generally homebodies…particularly in 2016, when (1) our home was for sale, (2) we had to find a rental in the Jenks district, and (3) we had to move/clean/prep our old house for the rental market when time ran out this […]

Moderation in all things. Especially screentime…

I’ve asked this question back over Thanksgiving weekend on Facebook: Parents: Over the long holiday we’ve fully implemented the OurPact app to control/curtail screen time for Pi. Anyone else using it? Any advice on achieving a happy middle ground between total block and total open? And I thought I’d expand this into a blog post to […]

The United Colors of…Muskogee, 1967–78

Back in the Summer I sat with a visitor at my church, the adult chaperone of 15 Iraqi high school students who were touring parts of the U.S., learning about the various career choices that might be available to them.  After visiting Vermont, and then Oklahoma, they went to Washington D.C. before heading back to their school […]

Killer Clowns, Black Lives Matter and the Herd Mentality

Living in Tulsa recently has brought me face-to-face with how quickly we revert to the herd mentality, particularly when we find ourselves in an information-poor environment.  With amazing speed we will tacitly accept “truth” from very tenuous sources, and spread it around like manure to feed and grow further mania. I’m speaking of course about […]